Swollen red belly. Any advice?

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    I have a Black Star hen that, like most of my girls, is molting and not laying. We noticed the other day that she has a dirty bottom and a slightly swollen red abdomen. Or at least it appears that way, as I'm not used to seeing her abdomen with so few feathers, so I'm not really sure. She is not acting sick or unhappy in any way. We felt her belly, it is not 'hot' to the touch or particularly firm, and the exam did not cause her any noticeable distress.

    I've reviewed other posts and read about 'internal' layers. Can someone tell me more about how this looks on her belly or even post some pictures? I've not been out to the coop today, I had surgery last week and have been trying to be 'good' and not do too much. But once my girls come home from school we can go out together to check on her and could even take a picture of her belly if anyone thinks this could help.

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    Pictures are always good, speckled hen is our resident expert on internal laying, but hers are usually sick acting I believe. Check her good for mites or lice. You might give her a small bath to clean her bottom, then you can tell if she is continuing to have the dirty bottom, you may need to put her up to evaluate her stool.

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