Swollen Serama Hen.Please Help!!!!!


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
Hello,ive got a 1 year old serama hen.She seems swollen in her abdomen.It doesnt feel hard but its not quite squishy either.Its just like pushing your own belly.I found a soft shell egg in the serama coop about a week in a half ago.It might have been her.Shes eating and drinking ok,but she seems to be doing some panting.I havent seen her poo yet,i just brought her in.She has access to oyster shell in her coop.i would really appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance...
she seems to be going down pretty quick.i have her in my lap on a heating pad.im massaging her belly.shes got her eyes closed and breathing out of her beak.i dont know what else to do for her.
shes still kicking this morning.shes eating and drinking and pooing.shes still breathing heavy.i had her on a heating pad for hours lastnight (she seemed so comfortable on it)nothing has come out of her yet.thanks for responding,by the way.
Have you tried a warm bath? If she is egg bound I hear that helps. Sorry, I have never experienced this. I just don't want you to feel alone. You are doing fine keeping her comfortable. Sometimes that is all we can do. Hang in there and keep us posted.
We lost a Serama hen in what sounds like your hen is doing. You are doing the best thing you can. Antibiotics might help. I imagine that there is or will be a bad odor if she is egg bound or has a ruptured egg inside.
Our little hen had also laid a soft egg recently, and also had plenty of access to oyster shell, and calcium inriched food. I read somewhere that sometimes a young hen just isn't able to metabolize the calcium they need for making the egg shell.

I hope your little girl recovers. Think of the infection as a secondary problem to the ruptured egg. It is the factor that can be her demise.

God Bless,
theres no odor and nothing coming out of her vent.her poor abdomen is so swollen.im wondering if it isnt something else.i havent got any eggs fromeither of my serama hens in probably 1 1/2 months.but they have been acting fine until this little girl blew up.i cant feel a distinct egg shape,its her whole belly.she also breaths heavy.she had a warm soak and layed on a heating pad for hours lastnight.i also did the massage,altho ive never dealt with this before so i dont know if i did it right.i hate to keep her in the house but im afraid she wont be able to deal with the roos affections....

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