Swollen shut eye? *Pics*

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    This is my new hampshire hen, she was perfectly fine yesterday but this morning when I went out to let them out of the coop I noticed she was still on the roosting bar. I noticed both of her eyes shut and she couldn't see, at first I thought someone pecked her but then I seem some discharge that got dried and shut her eye close, I got a warm rag and it loosened up the discharge and her eye open up again except it looks swollen or something under her eye and Doesn't fully allow her to open it. She's still really active and eating but her eye is just really bothering her. The other chickens are totally fine and healthy and she's fine to except her eye... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Ok I think I may be able to help on this one.

    I had a pullet do this also. I had been cleaning her eye, mine most likely got pecked. Her eye got infected. I saw NO discharge from eyes, nose, no sneezing and no other chickens with similar condition.

    I swooped her up, finished putting the rest to bed, and brought her in the house. I started dosing her with Durimycin-10. 2 teaspoons per gallon of water. Dumped out the gallon daily and made more as it was so hot, I didn't think the antibiotic would be good for more than a day.

    I had to hand water her for 2 weeks. I dribbled water at the side of her beak, until I saw her swallow it every couple hours. She did NOT eat a thing for two weeks and lost her total body mass, but she lived through it. In the process, she and my other young's had to be treated for cocci. I DID dose both meds in the same gallon, just used some warm water to dissolve the antibiotics.

    It has been near 2 months, but she is recovering. It was slow and time consuming, but there were no signs of a respiratory infection, so I knew it was an eye infection. No other birds have had any signs of anything other than the cocci. Well one of the Dominique's might have an internal bacterial infection, but I am going to do a maintence dose of Corid first, before I attempt to treat that, to see if it is simply that he has not built a resistance to the cocci yet since he is eating and drinking fine AND in a different coop, long story there.

    Mine is still in the house as she does not see well out of that eye, it was swelled up really fast and really bad. Also she is slowly putting the weight back on. I am also giving her a maintainence dose of the Corid, since birds that are ill have a harder time building a resistance to cocci, seems I can't spell maintinece right?

    I would have to look it up in their notebook but I believe I had to treat her for at least 2 weeks with the antibiotic, but might have been longer. I really thought she was going to die. I couldn't believe she could go so long without eating. Once she DID start eating, I mixed the meds in some dry crumble and fed her that but had to start with hand feeding first and only used that mix for an hour then threw what was left. Bacteria will grow fast in wet feed.

    She still is way under weight, she lost it fast but is taking a very long time putting it back on. Which is why she is in a tote, in the house still. Plus I can keep an eye on her.

    Thank goodness for med kits for the birds, as I had all the meds mentioned on hand. It's a good idea to keep the basic's around for emergencies like this. Just like we do for ourselves. Hope that helps and feel free to ask any questions you need. If it takes some time for me to respond, maybe someone else will pipe in sooner and help out also.

    Also, I am lucky enough to be around to do this, as most people would not have been able to give that hourly attention to hand feeding her! I also kept a positive attitude and keep encouraging her to keep trying. I hold her daily, as I believe they will lose their will to thrive if not handled and have that attention and it gives me a change to feel if she is gaining weight, ect.

    I also give her bathes in luke warm water. The first time, was to just make her maybe feel better and was after I got her eating on her own, then it was to clean her up, as she still is not seeing well enough and gets food on her. I was afraid she would be blind, but that bad eye, she seems to see something out of it. It does mess with her balance and at first I had to put her in front of the food and make sure the food was always in the same place.

    Ok, now that I have written a book here...hope your chicken does ok and best of luck to you both!

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