Swollen Sinus - Diagnosis & Treatment Assistance, Please.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Background: I have a backyard flock of 4 birds; 2 - 12wk old pullets and 2 - 5wk old chicks (in isolation). Both groups are on deep litter. I use ACV & garlic in their water daily.

    Symptom: 5wk old chick with what appears to be a swollen sinus on one side of her face. It is unknown how long this has been going on. I have been away for the past 7 days for the holiday. The chicken sitter did not notice it.

    Observations: The tissue all around the eye is swollen. The eye itself seems to function normally. There is no red inflammation of the surrounding tissue or eye. The eyelids are not 'swollen shut'. I don't see any discharge from the nose or eye. The eye does not seem to be overly watery. There is no smell. I have not observed any wheezing or sneezing. The swollen area does not appear to be overly sensitive to touch. The bird shakes her head more than usual but not an excessive amount. The bird also scratches at it with her foot. Her appetite and activity level appear normal.

    Treatment (so far): Carrot water & saline eye wash.

    Research: I have and have read Damerow’s Chicken Health Handbook. Every ailment that mentions swollen sinus also mentions wheezing and other symptoms I have not observed.

    Question: Can it be as simple as a sinus infection? What can I do for the bird? What should I have done to prevent it?

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    Sounds like what my OE hen has. I suspect mine has Infecious Coryza. Mine started with a discharge in her eyes with bubbles in it. Now she has this weird growth/cheesy hard core growing out of her eye. I am treating her and my other 14 birds with Terramycin. Im hoping it help. None of my other chickens are showing any signs.
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    Dec 24, 2007
    It may be something as simple as the other bird pecking the eye and causing it to swell

    Keep on bathing it in clear warm water.. no salt in the water please

    And use gauze.. not cotton wool.. small bits of the cotton wool come off and get into the eyes and do more damage

    It may be that the chick has chilled from an open door or something..

    No all birds display wheezing or coughing with respiratory... but nearly every bird does display swelling of the sinus area or eye area...

    So if this was my little chick I would definitely be treating it for respiratory... in the drinking water... but if it gets worse water soluble antibiotics won't work.. you will need something stronger

    Add a small desertspoon of tin cat (beef) to the chick crumbles your feeding the chicks... mixed with a little butter milk.. not much... make it into a wet mash.. not runny must still be able to be picked up by the chicks to eat it .. give it a re mix in an hour.. it will settle.. put it into a dish that has low sides so the chicks can stand in it and peck at it to eat it and scratch around in it...

    The protein will help its immune system to re boot..

    Good luck
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    Dec 21, 2007
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    nrdigrrl... look closely for peck marks.
    an antibiotic eye ointment or drops might work, but to be on the safe side you might want to give eryhtromycin (also called gallimycin) or Tylan (tylosin).

    do check the chick's nostril and see if it could be clogged with something ..


    note to littlebanty: if you suspect Coryza, (which it could be)..you need something stronger then terramycin., such as Tylan or Baytril.

    Tylan comes as injectible in Tylan 200, and
    Tylan 50..
    found at farm/feed/livestock supply in the livestock section NOT the poultry section.
    it also comes in a powder to put in drinking water..but from the sounds of it..your birds need aggressive treatment asap.

    Baytril is available online at poultry or livestock suppliers. or from a vet.

    do clean the mucus, and give the extra protein as Pollysmum suggested.
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  5. littlebanty

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    Hi Sammi! Thanks for the info. I went to featherfaciers.com and I explained my situation to the Doc. He told me that with Coryza my whole flock would have it. Thats how aggressive it is. He suspects it to be something other like a sinus infection. Because I did treat her before with Terramycin and she did seem alot better I dont think I treated her long enough. He told me to use 1 heaping TB per gallon of water for 10 days, VetRX in the roof of the mouth and eye ointment in the eyes.

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