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Aug 30, 2008
I have 3 buff japs that that are about 2-3 months old and their tear ducts (or second eye lid, im not sure what you call it but its in the corner of the eye) are swollen and their eyes are really watery. None of my other birds have it and they have had it for about a month now. I put some vetrx around eye but not in the eye. And thats it. What is wrong with them??


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Hi Galore,
Go to your vet and ask him for some Metronidazole.Put 1/2 tablet crushed to 1 gallon of water.Empty their water supply the day before meds and don't let them drink anything until you medicate.This way you will be sure that they are getting the meds.I had this problem with my pheasants and it did spread to other birds.What they do is they get irritated,scratch at their eyes and throw pieces of this eye crap and the other birds pick it up somehow.The Metronidazole is very cheap.I think it was 10.00 for 20 pills.
In N.H.,Tony.

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