Swollen vent in 2wk old chick - Did I Miss Anything?

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    Late this morning I noticed that one of our chicks (a suspected roo) had a swollen, reddish vent. Looking closer, there was runny feces on his rump, protruding tissue, and specks of blood at the upper edge.

    Most everything online is about prolapsed vents in layers, so I relied heavily on the advice in this thread to treat him: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/6632/constipated-chick-with-swollen-vent

    Started by running cold water over his cloaca to decrease the swelling, then pushed the distended tissue back into his vent using a lubricated cotton swab (with some of the cotton removed to make it smaller). He got soothing hemorrhoid spray on his rump and a couple drops of mineral oil followed by molasses, both given orally with a medicine dropper.

    Right now he's in isolation since there was slight bleeding on the skin just above his cloaca, from the attention of the other chicks. He's on puppy pads instead of sawdust, to keep things clean and so that I can check in on his bowel movements. He's got a little pile of chick crumble and a waterer with electrolytes & probiotics dissolved in it. Temperature is at 85° under the bulb and so far he's mostly keeping to the cooler area of the box. Because I was so worried before, I only took a photo at this stage.

    He was lethargic when we first pulled him from the brooder, and again when he went into isolation, but he's been moving around okay for the last hour or so. So far he's had a few solid but not overly large bowel movements.

    *My Question Is: Is there anything I missed or should be keeping an eye out for??

    I'm also wondering what caused this. Could it be related to having just put grit into the brooder in the past week? They've only gotten meal worms and mango for treats so far, I was going to start Greek yogurt this morning but got totally sidetracked by the medical issue...

  2. So far it sounds like you know what you are doing and you
    are doing just about everything you can do ..... [​IMG]

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