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    I got these chickens, they've had worms but I treated them for that. THeyre in bad shape but slowly getting better. I'm pretty new to this, Ive only had chickens for about six months. Her poop seems to be thickening up again but I can tell it hurts when she poops. Her vent is really irritated and swollen, especially above it. The poop seems to be collecting around it too and she keeps pecking at it. IS this from worms and bad nutrition and possibly being sick? Or is it a prolapse? All of them have stopped laying, but they haven't even been here a week yet so I expected that.
    My last resort is killing them, Ive had people tell me to do that and start over. I don't want that advice. Thanks guys!
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    Can you post a picture of the vent after you have cleaned off droppings and dried her? Some chickens can suffer damage to the vent rom laying too large of an egg, from being egg bound, or from having a previous prolapse. If she is constipated she could have a swollen vent. Are you feeding a layer feed, and providing some crushed oyster shell or egg shells on the side for extra calcium? Feeding a lot of table scraps or treats can cause bowel upset. Probiotics in the feed or water can help establish a healthy gut. If she is constipated, you can try a one time dose of castor oil 1/2 tsp, or some molasses.

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