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    We have a cock who is in the process of molting and has scaley leg mites, which we are treating (thanks for all the advice). Before the scaley mites were noticed he has had one eye swollen from the beak to the corner of the eye, and the eye looked "milky". We finally got a close look at it tonight (4 days after a problem was noticed) and the eye area looks les swollen, but now yellow thick muck is in the corner of his eye. His comb is also falling to one side a bit....in all he looks a sorry sight! Does his eye sound infected, or could he have cought it on something? Would be grateful for any help.
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    Sounds like infection. Usually green or yellow mucous is infection. Limp comb means he is sick/dehydrated. He needs care right away. If you can't afford a vet, try antibiotics in water/dropper/directly in eye with antibiotics meant for eyes.
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    Many thanks for your help...I'd like to do something for him tonight but all I have are antibiotic tablets for cats. Do you know if this would be a good idea? If yes, any advice on how to get the tablet down the cock's throat?!

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