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Mar 20, 2011
Lillian, AL
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Last week I vaccinated my flock for NC/IB via their water supply. This morning I have found 3 hens and a rooster with symptoms...
Watery eyes, sneezing, gurgling.. Is this normal after vaccinating or do I need to separate and start an antibiotic or will work through this?
Surely I am not the only one who has ever vaccinated for New Castle/IB...
No one else has ever experienced this after giving a vaccine? I'm curious if I should treat the symptoms or wait it out..., more and more of them are coming down with symptoms. The younger flock... The older crew is fine..just my babies that I hatched in march. I'm so sick over this--I'm afraid the whole flock will die. I incubated and hatched 31 chicks in march. I lost a few, of the remaining 25 they are all beginning to show symptoms of IB.
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I'm sorry for your losses. Perhaps it's best to not vaccinate. Perhaps you can contact your state agriculture department or county extension agent and consult with them regarding this problem.
Yeah, I'll have to agree with u there. Not sure if I'll vaccinate again. During the winter last year I lost several to a respitory illness and was told to vaccinate them. I did....and was just doing it for the new flock...and now I wish I hadn't. I hope they will bounce back from this...
I am surprised by the lack of responses I have gotten...
Has anyone vaccinated for new castle/ib? Many hatcheries suggest they get it as chicks before shipment...
I thought others my have been through the same.
I'm sure there are many reasons why people dont vaccinate. I guess it could depend on what disease is prevelent in your region. Alot of people around here vaccinate for fowl pox because we live near the swamp, a river and the coast. Mine were infected with it years ago and it passed on after a month or so. Personally, I order day old chicks from hatcheries without vaccinations, a personal choice. I maintain a closed flock. I dont buy chicks/chickens off craigslist, swap meets, farmers down the road etc... I maintain strict biosecurity. I'm a firm believer in using chemicals to treat internal and external parasites to prevent their immune systems from weakening making them suseptable to CRD and other diseases. Keeping everything dry is one of the keys to preventing problems as well.
There is always the possibility of wild birds bringing in something. I wouldnt have a problem culling a bird to prevent whatever it is from spreading to the others, even if it was one of my would hurt...but I gotta do what I gotta do.
I wish I could help more with your vaccine issue but I never vaccinate either. Never use medicated feed either.
I would medicate an individual bird if I identified a problem and isolated that bird. But widespread preventive measures using meds? no

I agree with dawg about keeping things dry and the wild bird issue. I know many times it's just not possible but I at least keep coop bedding dry and try to have a roofed area in all pens just outside the coop door.
Lots of diseases thrive in moist conditions.

As for respiratory illness, I'm also a firm believer in ventilation over warmth.

Excessive heat in summer and poor ventilation in winter kills way more birds each year than too cold ever will.
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I worm my chickens quarterly with chemical wormers to keep them healthy. The soil here is loaded with worm oocysts because it stays warm here most of the year. Worms can bring a chicken down quickly and eventually cause death. Lice and mites are the same way, cause anemia, then death. I clean the inside of their house out once a week and lightly sprinkle sevin dust in the fresh hay, nests included. Simple dusting provides protection in the long run against external parasites. I keep treats to a bare minimum including scratch. Between biosecurity, worming, dusting, proper feeds and doing my best to keep things dry...are the reasons that I've never had to deal with any respiratory problems.
Worms, lice/mites will weaken chickens, opening the door for CRD, bacteria infiltrate their weakened system. Then it's really tough to diagnose which disease it is and treat accordingly, some arnt treatable causing alot of headache and heartburn AND $$$.

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