Symptoms of calcium over load?????

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    Aug 19, 2008
    I DID NOT KNOW until a few days ago that young birds weren't supposed to eat layer. I have a couple young ones that got it WAY to early. At about 10 weeks maybe.. Well the pullet is acting funny and was wondering how they would act when it finally does its damage. GAWD, I feel like an idiot! Well at last I know now. If anyone knows this PLZ let me know... I'd hate to think I made my own chicken sick, but I also hate to think it is something else and she may make everyone else sick!!

  2. MakNat

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    Aug 19, 2008
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    I'm sorry i don't know the answer. But i am very interested to hear one.

    I have heard all the warnings about not allowing that much calcium to chicks who aren't laying, but i have yet to hear someone say what happened to any chicken who did get too much calcium.

    If the problem is simply that it's too hard on the kidneys, i would be surprised if that means that the kidneys just shut down very quickly. But it's probably more like if a person takes a strong drug for too long making the kidneys wear out faster than they should. ... in which case i would guess (this is only my uninformed guess) that switching them to regular grower feed would make the difference. I'm guessing there's probably not a known safe way to detox a chicken. [​IMG]
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    What do you mean by, she's "acting funny"? The extra calcium is hard on their kidneys. Also, the younger chicks need more protein until they have grown their bodies enough to begin laying eggs. Chick starter has more protein than layer feed.

    That said, I know someone who started their young chicks on layer feed at 10 weeks. It seemed WAY too young to me, but they did not seem concerned about it.
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    You started giving them layer at 10 weeks? Well how old are they now?

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