Symptoms: Sluggish (mentally & physically?), diarrhea, not laying, 30+ days

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    Apr 20, 2016
    I recently purchased 2 Swedish Flower hens (hen & rooster). When we got the birds home I noticed the hen had diarrhea, I assumed she was dehydrated/stressed from the 6 hour trip. 2 weeks later I was still noticing diarrhea in her pen (I had been feeding kitchen scraps, so I again thought it might be circumstantial… but began to research). She laid her first (and only) egg, which gave me hope that she was settling in and getting better (which has not been the case).

    She seems very sluggish to me but I am new to this particular breed. The rooster is full of energy with no signs of sickness. The other day I saw her drool for the first time.

    Over the last 30 days +…….
    She has only laid one egg
    Now has feces stuck to her hind feathers
    Seems extremely slow- both mentally and physically
    Possibly drooling

    I have wormed and have been offering her water with probiotics and electrolytes. No change yet…. Any thoughts?

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