Taaadaaaa!!! Ureaka Finally I Found The Culprit Now Wut ??????

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    Apr 27, 2011
    ok thanks all to ur answers to my many ???? about y my chickens who are almost completly featherless on there butts and backs. well yesterday i finished fencing off the yard so i could let them out of there pen since ive done all ive read and been advised to do for mites and feather pecking increasing protien etc
    well today i let them in there new yard and watched them more threwout the day and i found the culprits there is one doing the dance with the ladies and pecking there necks while on top but it doesent crow so culprit#1 maybe sexualy confused lol then there are three more who are agreesivly pecking the rest of the flock so 3 out of 4 are seperated ???? is wut do i do with them????

    if i give them away wont they continue with other chickens they come in contact with??
    and i dont have a seprate place for them the cage there in now is temperary any suggestions???
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    Freezer camp comes to mind for me but I understand if that is not for you. If I didn't want to send them to camp and didn't have the room to keep them. Then I would find them a new home.
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