Tailless Americauna from Townline Hatcheries?


Sep 14, 2015
Here is our beloved Baby Dude. All his life, he has been missing those expected full, flowing tail feathers, and a few months ago I began to wonder if he could be tailless or rumpless. (I assume there is a difference, and I would think he’s tailless.) So I finally called Townline Hatcheries, where he came from last spring, today. They said they have never had a reported tailless out of their Americauna lines, and if he is, he is a mighty special guy! I’ll add a few pictures for your thoughts. They will call me back about possibly examining him. It would be cool to see his genetics go into something other than our breakfast plates!!


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I agree. It doesn't look like a purebred Ameraucana. I am pretty sure it has Araucana blood.
I'm pretty sure Easter Egger is a term referring to any chicken that lays unusual colored eggs but can not be classified as an actual breed. So, a hybrid that lays unusually colored eggs like blue, green, and olive. Most hatcheries that have Ameraucanas actually have a bird that is a hybrid Ameraucana, the breeding stock they get the eggs from was tainted over time but still retains mostly Ameraucana genetics, these birds are extremely similar to a Ameraucana but still do not qualify as one and are still just Easter Eggers. That hatchery definitely has these EE, not purebred ameraucanas.

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