Taking a chick to the vet

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    Jun 17, 2010
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    Well, never thought I'd have any reason to post in this section - at least not so soon into my chicken adventure. Woke up this morning, checked on my little few-day-olds, and one of them has a huge swollen eye! It's closed shut, the whole area bulging out of its little head like a marble! I have no idea what happened, but we're going to the vet in an hour. $62 plus any tests or medications. This chick better turn out to be a hen! They told me to put a towel in the dryer and hot water in a travel mug for it to snuggle up to for the drive. What do I do on the drive home??? My poor little chick, I really think it's going to lose this eye, not to mention the trauma of the vet trip. *sigh*
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    Can you bring an empty hot water bottle with you and fill it up with warm water at the vets,then put it on the towel to warm it up for your chick? That would seem to work, good luck.

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