Taking a chicken to the SPCA Tails on the Trails, would it be OK?


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Jun 19, 2008
St. Isidore
My daughter has a pet chicken that she has taken several places including Grandma and Grandpa's for coffee in town and the lumber yard! lol. Jasmine (the chicken) loves to ride in a stroller and hangs out with Téa (daughter) in the house alot. I am on the board for our local SPCA and we are doing our Tails on the Trails fundraiser next weekend. It is mostly for dogs to walk and raise money. I was thinking of letting Téa take Jasmine along in her stroller. Jasmine is used to being around dogs and she would be protected on all sides from nosey pups. No dogs will be off leash. We would also take our giant dog kennel with wood chips, water and feed for her to rest and have privacy in in the back of our truck in the shade. Do you think this would be OK for Jasmine? One year they took a cow and next year I would like to take my miniature yearling filly but thought a chicken would be neat for this year.


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Aug 12, 2008
If it was me I would not take her. I think the dogs who are not used to being around chickens will go nuts. Even though they are on leashes it would make the afternoon stressful for the dogs, and the owners/handlers of the dogs. That in turn would stress out the chicken and you guys. It would remove some of the enjoyment from the event for everyone involved.

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Apr 1, 2008
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If it was me, I would not take her, either. Sorry.
It would only take a dog a split second (one bite) and she's been done for...and even on the leash, dogs can lunge, bite down and shake before anyone could stop them...


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Mar 20, 2008
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I wish I could say yes but Jasmine would not be safe IMHO. Dogs on leashes can still lunge and pull away from owners.

How would she be protected on all sides in the stroller?

I would hate to see a fun time with a pet turn into a disaster and possibly loss of your daughter's pet.

I do understand. We have two that way. One rides to the coffee shop with me everydayin my van and went to elementary school with DD last year. The other went to school too, rides in the car with DD and hangs out in her bedroom watching TV.

I just do not think I would do it with just a stroller as Jasmine's protection.


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Jun 19, 2008
St. Isidore
Thank you for all of your advice. The stroller has the mesh screen that goes all around it so she can't fly out and they can't get in but I never thought of stressing the dogs and owners. I did wonder if it would stress Jasmine too much. So she will stay home safe and sound. Thanks again for giving me the different points of view. Great forum!!!


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Apr 20, 2007
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A mesh stroller screen would not stop a determined dog for more than a nanosecond. And it is not like a dog on a leash is guaranteed controlled all the time.

I agree, way way too risky, and probably kinda rude to the poor dogs too (neener neener, chicken dinner, can't have it <g>)

Good luck,



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Jul 20, 2008
with maurice, the original space-cowboy
think about how many kids will be there hanging on to the leash's ,,, i know it sounds cool to see,,,, but all those kids,, plus yours seeing her chicken killed by a herd of dogs would be a lasting impression that would have NO good effects.

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