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    In reference to my "Several Due Dates" post, everybody told me what to do once the first chicks arrive (THANK YOU!!!!). Next question is...After the last of the chicks have hatched, should be about a week later, and I put the first chicks back w/ the mom, I am afraid of the babies falling out of the cat carrier that they're in. It sits in one of the nesting boxes, which is about 2 feet off the ground. If I move everybody, including Mom, will she still take care of them? And also, how do I avoid this next time?. When I get a broody hen, I don't want to keep adding eggs under her at different times, creating this same "due date" problem. How do I gather my clutch of eggs, what do I do with them all, until I'm ready for one of the hens to sit on them all. Thanks everybody for your help.
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    Just collect the eggs everyday the way you normally would and store them small side down in a carton. They can be refridgerated if you want, but I would just store them in a pantry, or countertop etc (somewhere not too warm/ not freezing) ...until you have as many as you need. The broody will stay broody (dont worry about THAT) and the fertile eggs will stay viable for at LEAST a week or two if stored properly and not jarred around too much.

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