Taking Care of my Ducks (advice?)

April and Andy

May 13, 2020
Hi everyone!
I have two ~ month old Cayugas. They are still in the brooder in the house because my weather has been rather unpredictable and sporadic (days of heavy rain and very cold to sudden days of extreme heat). it seems to me the best thing to do to keep them inside until the temperature is a big more regulated because they are not fully feathered and I want to keep them safe. However, I can tell that they are getting a little stir crazy in the brooder (I give them about 4 hours of running around time and about 2 hours of bath time a day). I was hoping to make a sort of treat bowl for them to eat once a day, because they seem to have a LOT of fun eating throughout the day and they loooove their treats. Any advice on what to make this bowl out of? I’ve read that lettuce isn’t really that great, and spinach can only be in small amounts, but what else? I am hoping to give them as much nutrients as possible but also give them something tasty and fun! Let me know if you have any treat ideas that your duckies love or ways to make the brooder a little more fun for them :)

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