Taking care of my recovering injured duck who won't eat?


14 Years
Oct 13, 2007
Hey friends. Mrs. Duck is recovering from her raccoon attack in our basement duck suite. She has a little swimming pool, food, water, a towel, fresh greens, and slug delivery daily.

The only thing she's eating is the slugs, and it's a little hard to collect enough slugs to satisfy a hungry duck. The vet said she should not go outside until her wounds are not open any more which means we need to catch her and inspect her. In the meantime, what are alternative, nutritious snacks we should attempt? She said we could feed her anything she would eat, starting with nutritious food but that if the only thing she'd eat was donuts that donuts are better than nothing.

What should we try? cat food? tuna fish? raw meat? cooked meat? bananas? lettuce? french fries? I'm baffled. She used to eat her pellets and whatever slugs and snails and worms she could get. Any suggestions? thanks friends.


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11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southeast Coast of Florida
* I'd probly go for a VERY good grade of dry cat food with some salmon in it for the vit A, other vits & protien in it to help heal up those wounds. Wouldn't stuff her on it though, maybe like 1/8 cup twice a day??
LOVE the duck suite, though--Room svc. rocks! Think she'll get to spoilt to 'return to the wild' ??
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