Taking chicks outdoors?

May 28, 2020
Bonney Lake, Washington
I have 3-week-olds, different breeds and some seem to chill easier than others. I want to give them outdoor time but the dang forecast isn’t great. I do have outdoor outlets but the cords for any heat source aren’t super long. Curious how folks here would approach this dismal forecast. Obviously would avoid the rain but I’m curious about the overcast days. What I’ve read is 65 is the minimum...?


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I'm in your neck of the woods and my chicks are also 3 weeks. They've been brooded outdoors so this weather doesn't bother them at all. They barely get under their heat pad anymore so I'm shutting it off early next week.

Obviously if your chicks are not hardened to outdoor temps I wouldn't leave them outside for long, nor leave them in the rain. An hour or two would be fine in that case.

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