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Jan 15, 2008
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I have a question about taking the babies outside on warm sunny days. When you take them outside, do you have a cage you put them in? is the cage bottomless? if it has a bottom say like chicken wire, do they try to eat grass and bugs through the wire? and how long do you let them out? if they are out, do you need to give them some grit in case they eat something out there? Ok, so its more than one question...lol. Please any advice is welcome.


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Aug 6, 2007
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I took mine out only when it was a VERY nice day. We have lots of wind up here, so I didn't take them out then. You can put them in a bottomless cage so they can play in the grass. I didn't have one, so cut the bottom out of a cardboard box for the same effect. They loved it. I didn't leave mine out too long. I would sit there with them in the sun for maybe a half hour or so. But, mine were so babied that maybe you shouldn't go by me. I don't know what the vets here would say, but I don't think they should be put in an area where they can eat too many rocks or anything like that. They just kind of pick at the grass and maybe get the occasional little bug or worm. I never gave mine any grit until they were grown. I do recommend using a cage or box because those little buggers are hard to keep up with! They love being outside and I guess the time they are out is up to you. I just wouldn't leave them out there too long though. Good luck and have fun with them! Mine used to get so excited when I took them outside. It was the highlight of their day.


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Mar 31, 2008
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So if it's about 70 degrees and the chicks are around 14 days old, is it ok to take them outside for a little bit? Or do you want to wait until they are bigger?

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I made a circle of hardware cloth (small squared wires)and used it like a little corral. It is about two and half feet tall. No bottom. They love the grass/dirt, etc. I put a piece of chicken wire over the top so they couldn't get out and nothing could go in...I also put something over part of the top for shade. Then water and food. I watched them closely. I made sure the wind wasn't blowing so they wouldn't chill. They had a ball. They are easy to catch to put back inside when their outting is done if they are in a small contained area.

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