Taking mama hen away from chicks.


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May 13, 2009
Burlington KS
Hey folks,
I have a question that I need help with Please !!!
My baby chicks are six 1/2 weeks old and they were naturally hatched from our hen. I have read to take mom away from the chicks at about six weeks old.
Is this too early or should I leave mom with them longer ?
The chicks have become pretty independant but still follow mom wherever she goes. I have them all seperate from the other chickens in their own pen right now.
I think mom would have a fit if I seperate her now....just guessing but maby I need to to allow them to get used to not having her around.
what should I do ??
also, I'm feeding the babys and mom medicated crumbles and when should I start feeding them non-medicated feed ??? I read at about 18 weeks.........hummmm
Any advice would be much appreciated.....Thanks in advance.


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Apr 13, 2008
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If they are happy and doing well and you have the space, I'd leave the mom and chicks together. She appears to be a great mother and that is really good news.

Have a blessed day.


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Jan 13, 2008
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I agree, if they are doing well.. no need to take her away. As long as they are all "happy" you can leave her with them as long as you want. Several months is fine..

It's an individual thing, some hens do become a little hostile toward her babies once she is ready to breed again, yet other hens still "want" her babies with her even if she's laying up a storm.

But if you want to take her away for whatever reason, go ahead and do it. The chicks probably will cry for their mom and the hen may even have a 'fit' but that will pass after a day or two days.


10 Years
May 13, 2009
Burlington KS
Gosh, Thanks everyone. Great advice......

mom and chicks have been nesting in a BIG wooden box I built when she was sitting and they have been sleeping in the box this whole time ( I have straw inside )...........
will mom and the new kids start roosting on the perches with the other's once we move them all toghether inside the main pen ? It won't be for another 6-7 weeks.
The main coop houses 8 other hens and a Rooster.

I have a round broken shovel handle I have suspended in their small pen and the babys love to perch on it during the day. It sits outside the box so I think their getting the idea to roost.

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May 27, 2009
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My chicks just turned 5 weeks old and are roosting with the mama. My hubby built "shelves" for roosts and the mama and her chicks roost on that every night. She had been in the brooder nest box too with her chicks until last week. I guess she must have decided they were getting crowded in there and just moved everybody up to the roost shelf. Of course since they are bantams, they have no trouble flying up to the roost shelf. The height is definitely not an issue with those babies.
They are growing like the dickens. They have been mixed in with the flock for awhile now and one of the other pullets has become a sort of "Auntie" to the chicks. She also roosts right next to mama and chicks.
The whole flock is eating the same feed (Purina Flock Raiser). The ones that are laying have access to oyster shell too. The rooster has been showing more interest in the mama the past few days so I don't know if that's a sign that she may be back to laying in the near future. I'm also curious if the mama will "wean" them gradually or just break the cord more abruptly. Guess each hen is an individual and it's just wait and see.

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