Talking to my "son" this has been the best therapy....

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I posted a few weeks ago that my (step) son, who is grown with kids of his own, and I chatted on FB. He told me what a difference I made in his life , even if it was a few short years. We have continued to talk and since I lost my natural son in 2002, this has been the best therapy in the world. I am now understanding the why of Evan's not being here long. I truly believe that God's plan was this, Trevor needs me now more than ever and has been going through a lot the last year. My husband is fine with my relationship with Trev, he knows that this is part of God's plan.
    I can't tell you how much I feel as if a dark cloud is now gone from my life. Trevor has had it tough, his father is for lack of better words a complete JERK, which is why our marriage did not last, he is also an abuser, not so much physical as mental. I stayed as long as I could to protect the boys. Trev's Mother is trying, but she has problems, is a recovering alcoholic and addict and she had another child after she divorced the father with another guy and is now raising this kid on her own.
    I could have given up after I lost Evan, I could have sank into that Deep Depression I dealt with, but I didn't and now I know why.
    I am so proud of my kiddo, he has had some problems, but is working hard to make his life better, he is also a divorced father but spends as much time with his two girls as he can and is trying to do positive things in his life.
    I am hoping that Trev can come up and visit soon, I need to hug my kid and spend some time with him.

    I just needed to share this.......
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    God bless you, your husband and Trevor.


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