talking to old Friends pays off big time

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    Feb 21, 2014
    I was out enjoy the weather Tuesday and ran into some Friends .We talked about Our Kids and Grand Children ,We started talking about things that keep Us busy. They said that work at the local Food Pantry. And invited Me to come help sometime.They said sometimes They get stuff that needs to be discarded ; like today They were going to throw away cases of Tomatoes (bad when They came).She said She wished Someone could use it to feed Their Animals. but didn't know of anybody. I told Her I'd take the Tomatoes to feed to My Chickens. She was thrilled and wanted My phone# so They could call Me when there was more stuff. I thanked Her . Needless to say My Chickens had a wonderful time. Then My Brother-in-law came with a bunch of Squash.Me and My Chickens will repay it forward by giving Them Eggs. Sometimes it's best to make a day to just visit.[​IMG]

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