Tame Chick... :-) Is this normal?

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  1. Hi all, I am new to the raising chickens. So far my wife and I are loving the experience of raising the chicks. We have 6 chicks. 2 buff Orpingtons and a couple Barred Rocks and a Couple Wyandottes. Now for the story

    We have had these chicks for 2 weeks. One of the Buff's, we call her Buffy.... When I go over to the brooder, she starts peeping in her loudest voice, when I put my hand in the cage she instantly jumps up on my arm, climbs up on my shoulder and lays down on her feet and just sits there and relaxes. She will do this for my 20 year old daughter, but when Buffy sees me she'll stand up and want to be on my shoulder.

    The other Buff, Ginger is super tame too...

    Is this normal?

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    I think Buff Orpingtons really have sweet temperaments. I think, if you socialize alot with chicks right from the get-go, they grow up friendly. I've had so many batches of chicks, and it seems like there's always one or two that are super friendly and outgoing, and then there are always the shy ones too.

    My first chicks ever were golden buff hybrids from the Meyer Hatchery. Three of them. It's been years now, and only one is still living, but when they were babies, Lily and Daisy were always friendly, and Violet was the shy one. You can really watch them socialize, and from those three chicks I learned alot. Lily was the boss lady, and Daisy was her best friend, and liked everybody. Violet was always tagging along at the rear of the group.

    Keep up the good work with spending time with your chicks and socializing, and you will have a nice friendly flock!
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    Aww that's really sweet. Buff Orpingtons do have a reputation for being freindly, but no matter what the breed there are individual differences in temperament. That is one of the things that makes hanging out with chickens so fun. Chicks can be especially affectionate, I remember when mine were that age the whole flock would take a nap on my lap.
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    Our buff orp is pretty sweet as well. When she was smaller she would sit on our knees when we were outside.

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    I have a two year old Buff Orpington hen named Amanda and she is the sweetest, friendliest chicken. She LOVES people and will follow us around the yard demanding to be picked up and cuddled. She'll peck at your leg to get your attention and if that doesn't work she'll start biting! We know she's not doing it for food because she'll continue to peck even when we offer her treats. She just wants to be cuddled and loved. Once she held me hostage for 45 minutes because she didn't want to get off my lap.

    I raised Amanda and my other hens from day old chicks. I made sure to spend a lot of time hand feeding and petting them. I also made sure to expose them to a lot of different people. Amanda is my only Orpington, but all of my girls grew up to be friendly.

    Buff Orpington's are wonderful and Its so sweet when they bond with you. Good luck with Buffy!!! :)
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    Yes it is! And even if it wasn't, who cares? It's a good thing!
  7. Dennis
    For Buff Orpingtons, that is completely normal, they are absolutely THE sweetest breed out there. I have 3, and will be getting 2 more this spring. They are excellent layers (even in the cold of winter) and love human contact. They are literally like little puppies. If you want a glimpse of what you are in for with this particular breed, then hop over to my blog by clicking here. I'm sure it will make you so happy and excited that you have them. Keep handling them as often as possible. That will have an impact on them when they are grown. It will make them even more friendly than they already are. Welcome to BYC, and to the wonderful world of chicken keeping!

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    Mine's super sweet too!

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