Tame Chickies


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10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
I have two batch of chicks. The two-monthers and the one-monthers.

The two-month chicks were my first-ever chicks and I held them often, took them out a lot, and "babied" them. When I kicked them outside, they would follow me around like mama hen and they sit on my lap often, still.

I admit...I got a little lazy with the 2nd batch. I only held the RIR (out of 3, a silkie and a sebright being the others) because it was the only one that would go up to me but I didnt even hold her too often. I regret that very much.

Well we kicked them out today and they did not follow me around like mama hen....or go on my lap at all or even pay attention to me. Well the RIR jumped onto my lap later in the night but I moved a little and she was gone right away. I guess I see where I went wrong but is it too late to get them to love their mama??
I don't really care about the sebright as we may not keep her for sure, but the silkie, I'm fond of her personality but she does not show any interest towards me.

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