Tame Ring Neck Dove


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Located in Rougemont/Durham North Carolina area. Free PET ring neck dove. Good pet home only. Male. Not sure of age.

This is the sweetest bird and I would love to keep him but he coos non-stop. I am looking for a home that will have more interaction with him. I had to move him upstairs because of the business calls I have to take and I worry he just doesn’t get the handling and attention he deserves up there. I planned on keeping him in the office with me which would give him companionship 8-10 hours a day, but he is just too noisy when I am on phone conversations.

He is very hand tame – never offers to peck or bite. He is a beautiful tangerine/beige color with a light turquoise ring around his neck. He coos, laughs and bows in his cage and does this cute little stomping dance out of the cage. He would be a perfect 1st bird or child’s companion.

Please email if interested.

[email protected]

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