Tame Serama Cockerels

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    I have for sale 2 beautiful Serama cockerels born January 2nd 2015! Their buyer backed out, so they sadly still need homes. All are sweet and tame, easy to handle, and energetic. They've been raised on soy free, corn free feed and given many fresh vegetables and leafy treats after 4 weeks of age. They have been indoors their whole lives in quarantine-like conditions, and would be great additions to your outdoor flock or cute house pets! Because these are Serama, quality can't be determined at this age, but I will say I am pleased with their development so far.

    • Black with speckled white on chest, black beak and mostly black legs, I never hear him crow anymore. He is a good lap chicken. Sits with me quietly a lot while I read or play games. He is a big glutton and loves treats, and is usually the first to try new food!
    • Millie fleur-like with dark beak and legs, normal serama crow. Very curious, brave, and loves to explore between petting sessions! Likes to jump to your hands right from the cage for a kiss. He likes to nap perched on an arm or shoulder being pet.

    I do not have any hens available. Local pick-up only, as these wee babs are too young to ship. If you would like me to hold one 'til shipping size for you, please ask, I'd be happy to arrange extended care.
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