Tame Young Roos for sale


7 Years
Sep 23, 2012
I have for sale, all tame and friendly:
2-3 buff orphington cockerel, one black austrolorp cockerel, 2 white leghorn cockerels,
one black and red easter egger cockerel, and one multicolored easter egger cockerel.
These boys were hatched February 19, 2014 from cackle hatchery. All of these boys have been hand raised on my farm and are as tame as can be. The black Easter egger is somewhat skittish, but that can be fixed. Price for these guys is $10 obo.
Also I have a gold laced Wyandotte rooster who is about a year and a half, with a single comb rather than a rose comb, I'd like to get $20 but will go lower.
All of these boys are located near Peoria Illinois, pm if interested. Thanks for looking!
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