Tampa, FL - Too many roosters - Big, handsome, and friendly

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  1. BelMar

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    Nov 15, 2008
    If you like the sound of a rooster crowing but do not want to deal with a mean rooster look no further. As you can see by the pictures, these guys are big, beautiful, and not fighters. Unfortunately I have too many of them for my small flock of chickens.

    Each of them will let me go out and pick them up-after I corner them a bit-and though they would rather walk, they will let me carry them. Also they have a nice sound to them and come running every time I go out to the coop (food is what they are looking for but still they just love to have company). In addition to all the bugs and greens they eat while roaming about during the day, they are currently eating Start & Grow, cracked corn, and some fruits and vegetables.

    I would really like them to have decent homes.


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