Taste of GMO Free & Soy Free Eggs

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  1. I've been raising Heritage Breed and Easter Egger chickens for 5 years now and could not afford to feed Non-GMO feed as I have over 100 full grown birds to feed.

    Tucker Milling has recently come out with an affordable Non-GMO and No Soy Poultry Feed that I began feeding my birds two weeks ago.

    For those of you who used to feed GMO feed with Soy to your birds and switched to the Non GMO with no Soy - did you notice a change in the taste and quality of your eggs?

    I may be imagining it but I believe the improved taste, texture and darker yolks I'm getting
    and has improved since starting non GMO feed. It also seems the 'girls' and boys are consuming less so it may even be cost effective.

    I sell my eggs at a local Farmers Mkt - have been selling them for $4 but many of my
    regular egg customers have asked about non-GMO so - since I've switched feeds I plan
    to sell my non-GMO eggs for $5 per dozen.

    Price per dozen of course is driven by the consumer and in what mkt one is selling so not sure if it is 'the time' to get that where I live but it dosen't hurt to try. I live in Ellijay which is 90 miles north of Atlanta in the north GA mountains - gorgeous place.

    Interested in hearing your comments and any changes you've noted with your flock and their eggs since going GMO free and Soy free.
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    Sep 4, 2014
    I would love to feed that to my hens, will be asking my co op if they something like this or can order it for me. How awesome!!
  3. The farm I buy from has been non GMO for years.....I had a few chickens about 15 yrs ago......now they offer soyfree as well. I will be using that as I am trying to heal an autoimmune problem and staying away from soy is part of the plan. Unfortunately, I bought my first sack of feed without specifying soyfree. :(

    I have been buying eggs that are free range, non GMO and soy free from a lady for $3 per dozen. I don't know what the farmer's market prices are but I suspect they are higher. The grocery stores are higher and infamy not sure they are true free range.

    I think you should try it and see what response you have. My feed is $1 more per 50# for the soy free.:/
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    Elaine, how much is that Tucker Milling Non GMO? I'm thinking about trying the 16%.

    NVM, called the co-op and she says it will only be $13 for 50#! Holy cow, that's the best I've ever heard of.
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