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    I went to a presentation on chickens and the expert tells me chickens have no taste buds. Why then do my chickens devour treats when presented to them. Some of their favorites include: cabbage, beet greens, tomatoes. My buff orpington, Buffminsterfullerene, aka Buffy Ball, absolutely goes nuts over beets. She'll fight off Blackula, the barred rock, and Biggie, the red star just for a bit of the sweet beet.

    Anyhow, any theories on why chickens go nuts over treats despite their lack of taste buds? My theory is since they've been hand fed since day one they enjoy anything that comes from the alphas (me). This still doesn't explain their preferences.


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    Absolutely no idea, how strange. I'd love to know though. Mine love grapes but don't touch cauliflower. Why would they do that if they had no taste buds. Texture maybe??? I'll look forward to an answer from a veteran on this one!
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    Never knew they had no taste buds! [​IMG]

    I take it they do have a sense of smell? They'd need a sense of smell at the very least so they would avoid things which are poisonous to them. So, I'm guessing it is their sense of smell which determines what they prefer.
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    They do have ability to taste and to smell although latter sense not likely suitable for tracking.
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    They do have taste buds, just not many in comparison to humans which have around 10,000 as opposed to chickens having 20-30

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