Taurine/catfood for my chickens

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    Hello! Two questions: First, can anyone tell me if and why Taurine in cat food is harmful to chickens? I saw it mentioned in a post and have been searching everywhere to validate the claim, but can't seem to find the answer. I was planning on adding some dry cat food to the menu for my moulting girls. Second, if you have fed your chickens catfood, have you noticed any influence of the catfood on the taste of your eggs? Thanks for any advice![​IMG]
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    I give my hens a little dry cat food every day (probably no more than 5 kibbles per bird), and I notice no off tastes in the eggs (at least I didn't when I had hens laying, none laying right now). My girls even eat fish, garlic, onions, all the stuff that supposedly can make the eggs taste bad, and the eggs have been fine.
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    Quote:I have never heard that either. I occasionally give my chickens catfood, just occasionally and as a treat. Never had it effect the taste of the eggs.
    Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. Their bodies cannot make it so they must eat it. Many years ago I had to make homemade renal food for a cat. The vet said to get the taurine in the food add clam juice.

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    I used to give catfood as a treat, but more like 10 kibbles per bird.....I could tell the difference in the taste of the eggs, and didn't like it at all. I don't know if I can describe it....sort of saltier, sulfur-y......bleeech! I stick to BOSS or scrambled eggs for extra protein
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    i give em handfuls daily with their scratch, eggs taste the same to me!! it's blue buffalo though so it's not crude protein used.... maybe that's the difference.... baby food is a good source too, even your meat scrapes if there's not a TON of salt!!!! hope all works out for em![​IMG]

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