Tax time again, info for my chickie family!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by countrygirl4513, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Guess we're at that time of year again... [​IMG] wish I could count my chickens as dependants... don't ya'll? Just wanted to pass along some filing info that I ran across last year. If you are under a certain income level, you may be able to e-file for free. is where you need to go to find out. I was able to use it last year, sorry to say, I'm no millionaire, and I will use it again this year too. Just thought I'd pass it along to my chicken family.
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    thanks going to go check that one out.
    Also, I was wondering...if anyone knows...every time I go to the feed store, they ask me if I am " tax exempt" Of course I look at them tilt my head and say, no. Well, this last time I went in there, he hands me a form, to fill out to apply for tax exempt. ???? Can I do that? Is it a good idea?? Our property is considered "farm land" Altho we dont farm it. Small garden, chickens, turkeys....thats about it. We do NOT have our tax ID for rescue as of yet....still not sure how to get that done either. So...anyone else "tax exempt"? Is it a good idea??

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