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    May 24, 2010
    I feel I need to relate my story of teacup...she was hatched March 17, and we got her on March 19 with 23 other RIRs.... all was well until we moved them to their new coop...april 25th..we moved them all in the temporary crate we had for them in the house...when we opened the door to let them out into the coop, teacup didnt leave the crate...was laying on her side, moving her right leg and wing, but nothing on the left side... anyway, we brought her back into the house, couldnt see any physical injuries, but she was VERY SICK!!! I really didnt expect her to live thru the nite, She wasnt able to stand at all, she laid on her side, unable to even sit up. her head was turned to the left, but still had no movement on the left... right leg was still thrashing... I spent the next 2 weeks feeding her with a dropper,which slowly progressed to her drinking from a bowl held in front of her head..After about 5 days, she began to peck at chick feed that was put directly in front of her. I would hold her on my lap, upright, and she would eat out of a bowl. when I took her out of the box we kept her in, she got excited, and had such a will to live, I continued to work with her, seeing very little progress every day, but progress non the less...after about 2 weeks I started wrapping her in a towel when in her box to keep her in an upright position....after 3 days of being wrapped, she started to sit up by herself....and within a few more days, she started to try to stand... she continued to make progress, and I worked with her for several hours every day...at first when she started moving on her own, she would go in circles and crashed every time, but continued to make progress..and eventually SHE LEARNED HOW TO WALK AGAIN!!!! She was able to get herself to the food and water bowl independently. Although she was doing good, she still was a little unsteady on her feet, and still had trouble turning her head to the right. We were able to go outside for walks.. she followed me around anywhere I went.... all was going great until 3 days ago, and I noticed she wasnt getting around as well, and her neck seemed to be turning again... each day she was getting a little worse, so tonite I spent about 3 hours with her.. trying to figure what was going on.... I believe she was in pain by the sounds she was making... but she was still eating... back to me holding the bowl of food and water again though... but I found the problem...SHE CANT PREEN HER FEATHERS!! I spent all evening preening her feathers for her and see a big improvement. She is eating independently and the head is straightening out again!! she is my special girl
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    WOW! Sound like you helped her recover from a stroke. Karma points for you.
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    May 24, 2010
    some things I want to add.... teacup and all the chicks recieve medicated chick feed, water with electrolyte, vitamin, mineral suppliment.. she has been in a large plastic crate with towels covering the bottom, and paper towels on top of the towels for easy cleaning...she has always had normal poops, of course in the beginning they were decreasing in size and and frequency because she wasnt eating much... and would need a bath daily because she was laying in her mess..her crate is clear plastic and she got sunshine every day there was sun...
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    When I have a chick that isn't feeling well, I mix cranberry juice in with their chick starter. They think that it's a wonderful treat, and it seems to perk them up.

    Goodluck with teacup, it sounds like she has the perfect home. [​IMG]
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    Have you tried any vitamin or other meds in her feed. I was reading today about a "NutriDrench" in the Eggcarton.com catalog. That may help. I suppose it can't hurt either. I keep a supply of certain med on hand just in case. Chickens are tricky and not always easy to diagnose.

    Wishing you the best


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