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Mar 2, 2021
My Coop
My Coop
I really can't stop thinking about food now😂

Crackers with cream cheese and candied jalapenos
Jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and pineapple, wrapped in bacon
Acorn squash filled with figs and spices
Pork loin filled with apples
Turducken paired with Stuffing garnished with pecans and cranberries...
Oh the list goes on and on!

My dinner is still cooking😩
Butter Crackers with cream cheese and caramel yes.
Jalapeno.... no
Pork... no
Turducken.... no
Meat in general... nope :p
Hahaha Vegetarian for me!
But dang it food is so good!
Quesadilla with corn flakes and... wait for it... CHOCOLATE SAUCE but only the good kind not the gross store kind
Caramel and cream cheese quesadilla
Corn Chips in apple sauce or oat meal
WHAT IF WE STUFFED A TWINKIE- With cream cheese?!

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