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    Hello All

    We need some advice. We rescued three chickens from someone in our little town. Two of the hens managed to incorporate themselves into our existing flock. However, they started pecking at the littlest one and encouraged the rest of our flock to do the same. We thought the pecking order would work itself out, but it didn't and they almost killed Ted. Fortunately we realized it in the nick of time and created a little space for her and we bring her in at night so that she is protected from predators. This situation is not going to work during winter. We live in a very cold valley and our chickens must keep each other warm at night and during the day. There are other logistics that we have to worry about (frozen water and the such). Ted needs a good home but I am unsure how to go about finding one for her. I would like to know if there are chicken sanctuaries around that could take her or what other people have done in this situation.

    Some background information. Ted is a bantam Cochin all black. She has a sweet disposition but gets broody occasionally. I originally thought that our flock was picking on her because she was sick or other-wise unhealthy. That is not the case, we have had her for several months and she is fine and a consistent layer. I would love any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you.

    Ted's Mom

  2. Try putting her in a dog box, or something similar, (cat carrier, large cardboard box with holes, etc) that can be seen through, and put Ted in there. Keep her in there until EVERYONE ignores her. They may try to attack her through the holes, but once they fully ignore her then slowly introduce her. Try putting her on the roost at night, then watch them in the morning. If they continue to peck her, take the worst of the bullies and seperate them, same thing as mentioned above, but seperately, then introduce them. That way their the 'new ones'. It should work, and if it doesn't, I have other ideas :)

    Oh, and [​IMG]Glad to have you, and hope you have many more posts

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