Teenagers are LAYING!! (happy dance)


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Central Florida

The short story:
Our teenagers have started to lay! They just turned 6 months.

The long story:
We are new to this chicken stuff. We bought a house that was over run with chickens (50+) - we ended up capturing most of them and rehomed them. We kept a few. Well, one girl laid and hatched out 3 - 2 roos and 1 hen. Kept the hen. So we had 3 roos and 2 hens. I got the silkie bug and picked up a pair of black at the feed store. The 3 roos did not take well to seeing this intruder, so the other 3 roos went to a new home! I have to say I LOVE MY SILKIE ROO!! New hen laid and hatched out a nice little herd. We picked out 2 to keep and rehomed the rest of the chicks. And of course our 2 ended up as roos. So our little herd consist of 1 Adult silkie roo, 2 adult hens, and 2 juvie roos. They really are a peaceful little group. Dear white hen sneaks off and lays another set, this time she appears with 6 chicks. ( We are now getting smart and decide to wait for them to get a little older before picking out who we want to keep) We have 4 hens and 2 roos!!
So, 2 roos and one of the older juv roos goes to the new home.

Present day: Our herd is the Main silkie roo - one mix roo (Non aggressive and I just like this guy!) 6 hens (2 older and 4 that are the 6 month olds) Well, yesterday we found the nest of the Teenagers!
The great part is that we were just discussing last week turning an old unused shed into a nesting house for the chickens. Our chickens free range 24/7. And they picked that shed to start laying!! So this weekend we are going to spruce it up for them. The older 2 usually lay in the garage on a old bale of horse hay we left for them. However, we have the problems of the cats taking over their nest to sleep in (stupid cats) But, I really like the idea of them using the shed instead. I am just soooo excited we have more than one egg a day coming!! Not complaining - I was excited with my 1 egg a day!!


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