Teenagers with the ladies ?

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    Oct 3, 2010
    I have four black jersey giants that I got in April. Two of them are as tall as my rrs and borp and two of them are even taller. I lost one of my borp a few weeks ago so I had to get a rr,amerc, two b rocks and two more buffs. Now I need my transition pen for the new babies, is it to soon to put the jg with the ladies? They roam together in the back yard but the ladies still pick on them sometimes. If I do what would be the best way?
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    Jan 29, 2011
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    When I integrated my babies in with the rest, I did it sort of in steps. First I put the whole brooder cage in the run, chicks inside, the other chickens had lots of time to see them and get used to them. Then I opened the door to the brooder cage, and the chicks could explore in and out as they wanted to and they were able to run back in if anyone was picking on them. I also put them to bed in the coop in their brooder cage where all the rest of the chickens are. Eventually they would venture out further and further, and the others were used to them and didn't pay any attention to them as "newbies" anymore. So within a few days, maybe 1 week, they were fully integrated. I had no injuries and no problems.
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    it took my teens a while to get used to the babies.. but I too kept a cage inside the run/coop with them and they were able to get away from the big kids if they had too.. they still stay in two little flocks but its getting better and better,,

    good luck )O(
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