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    I live in Rotorua North Island Of New Zealand.
    Anyone been here?
    It is a Sulphur Area & we have lots of different Geysers here.
    We have 14 Lakes in our area. All safe for swimming in except Lake Rotorua as very Polluted. Lots of our Lakes have Brown or Rainbow Trout in them.
    We have population of 70,000 people here.
    We have lots of different things for our Visitors to see & do. We have many differents cultures & walks of life here.
    Come visit Rotorua City & see it for yourself.
    We have Hot Pools you can sit in & Relax.
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    Jan 30, 2015
    Hi and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us. Sadly, whilst I have relatives in NZ I've never visited :( there's quite a few Kiwis here so make yourself at home. You can post here -

    ETA: I note that you have already introduced yourself here on this forum. This thread maybe better served in the Random Ramblings forum.
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  3. Ferrit47

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    Where abouts in NZ are your Relatives?
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