Tell me about African Crowned cranes............ Pics P-2


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Mar 10, 2008
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Any info is appreciated. From young chicks on, what are the need to know info....
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I'm hoping to pick up my 2 chicks this weekend or next....... they will be related however, so I will need to find someone else to swap bloodlines with or think of something.... hehe....... so excited!
Ihave had mine for three years, they are wonderfull birds, they like to follow me up and down the aviary, and "dance" by jumping up and down, mine werent people raised but have tamed down alot, as they get older they tend to pick on the other birds in their avairy, (peafowl) they like to nest on a platform, so mine have a stack of straw bales to nest on. They also use their pond quite a bit too.

A friend of mine has one show up every day in her field. He flies over to Orange Lake, spends some time there, and then comes back in the evening to the back of her property. Been there for about 3 years.
I can get them dont know alot about them but have a friend that has almost every rare or hard to get species
This guy has things I have never heard of
His are absolutely beautiful
PM me if interested we will talk
BB, I'm suppose to be picking them up this Sat, can hardly wait. My friend had to come up with the rest of the funding for hers, so i didn't want to leave just one by itself, so I held off picking mine up until Sat. I will be raising the 3 of them for awhile since she is always working. I'm going to get them DNA sexed/ pinioned as soon as I get them home.

Mine will be related, so I will need to find someone that may want to swap bloodlines ( if I'm lucky)... hehe .......then you will be first on the list BB.

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