Tell me about Bamboo

but I'm having trouble deciding on a place to plant it because if I put it in my garden it will take over.
And be very hard to get rid of. Be very careful where you plant it, and be ruthless when you do whatever you do to keep it from spreading.

My MIL planted "just one little sprout, because it was pretty." It took over half an acre and took her 2-3 years to get rid of it.
Clumping bamboo generally is less likely to spread, so if possible you will want a clumping vs a running type. I have a stand in a corner that eats up a big chunk of space, but hasn't expanded in the 5 years I've lived here, so I just leave it alone.
DH wants timber bamboo so its a runner for sure. If its as invasive as @Sally PB described I should definately do more research before I plant. We had a pot of ground ivy by the front door when we moved in and it got knocked over during renovations. Now it is EVERYWHERE and I cant kill it. I shudder to think what bamboo would do.
I'm interested in growing bamboo for lumber purposes but I'm having trouble deciding on a place to plant it because if I put it in my garden it will take over. I'm also finding it quite difficult to locate rhizomes or seeds locally.
Run far and run fast. It took my parents 20 years and THOUSANDS of dollars to try to get rid of one 5 gallon bucket they planted in the 70s, only for it to come back. It spread across the neighbor's properties over 200 feet from the mother plant, becoming the neighbor's problem too. They finally had to have a contractor come in and remove all the soil from the back yard, down so many inches, and re do the whole yard. They're hoping the stuff at the neighbors yards doesn't work it's way back.
I wish I could remember what she planted.
It would send out runners and that would be a new clump colony, but at the same time the original clump was only as large around as a 5 gallon bucket, sent up shoots 40 feet in the diameter of the original.

Birds used it as a wintering spot, and poo and mites were EVERYWHERE.
It would look dead sometimes until almost May and then come back with a fury.
I'm questioning if "timber bamboo" would even grow in Indiana.
It most definately would. It grows in china and taiwan naturally. Even growing as far south as the Philippines. DH suggested pouring a concrete barricade and if anything exits it to cut it immediately to prevent spread. Not sure if this is advisable but definately going to learn more before attempting.

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