Tell me about battery hens?

Have you ever had battery hens?

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11 Years
Oct 12, 2011
I don't know where this thread belongs, so please move it where you think it's supposed to be :)

I don't have chickens yet. I'm going to be raising some.

I watched some videos on battery hens that made me cry. I want to adopt some battery hens.

But I'm trying to research and can find NOTHING in the USA. Only in the UK and Australia and NZ.

How can I adopt battery hens in the USA?

Also, why are their combs so abnormally large?
I've had them but I'm in the UK. I have heard of others in the US having issues finding a source for "rescuing". I wish you luck though, they are worth it once you get them.
That's something I would like to know, too, is where you can rescue them in the US. I've read about the conditions those birds are kept in and it makes me wish I could get my hands on one or two to at least give them some breathing room. Sorry I don't have a helpful answer for you, but I'll be watching this thread to see if anyone else knows.
Their combs are so abnormally large because they have been kept in very hot, stuffy cages and the combs have expanded to let out heat. I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO TREAT HENS LIKE THAT!

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