Tell me about candling on day 7?


Jun 19, 2017
So I am coming up on day 7 of my eggs in the incubator. They were all shipped. I am anxious to see them and see how they are doing. I snuck a peek at one tonight and it had a blood ring. Is that one to be thrown out and any others that have them or Clear? Should I be drawing the air sack line? Any other things I should check for?
Should i be drawing the air cell around the top or just check it?
Also is it going to hurt anything opening this up for the period of time to look at the eggs etc? First time and paranoid! Lol
Ok so curiosity is killing me so I checked a few eggs. There are some that I can def see the eye and movement, there are some with just some veins and that' all. Unfortunately from one seller I bought 8 eggs, 6 were not fertile and 1 blood ring and only 1 was good, urgghhh.
If they were shipped, I think it’s a good idea to trace the air cell before you put them in and then at 7, 14 and at lock down. From what I have read, many people hatching shipped eggs incubate the eggs in an upright position and also hatch them upright. They wait for 3-7 days to start handturning them gently. If they went through the mail, they go through a lot of bumps and banging around before they get to you.
Yes I am incubating upright. I did let them sit upright for 24 hours then in and Turner on after 3 days. All air cells look good. I had 2 with saddle shaped and this one looks a.little large to me....See pic...?


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I have also read to wait until day 10-14 just to make sure they not viable. Air cells is where I am a littl worried with my eggs. Not sure they are large enough. Someone, I think @WVduckchick said it’s easier to slow down the size of an air cell than to try to increase it when your getting close to hatching.
Also not an expert, but you can draw the air cells if you want, for a newbie (like me!) it can help us learn as well as ensure proper incubator behavior. A broody hen leaves her nest a few times a day for 30 minutes or so to eat, drink, and poop, so don't be afraid to open your incubator up and candle them when you need to. Take your time but don't dally. And if you're taking too long to do them all and have tons of eggs, do half of them, put the top back on, and come back in 8 hours or so to finish the rest. If it has a blood ring, it is dead. Otherwise wait a few more days or until you smell something to start throwing things out, I have an egg in my incubator right now that showed late vascularity but appears to be on track now. If you smell something though, get the offending egg out asap. You definitely do not want the dreaded exploding egg!

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