Tell me about collecting the eggs!

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    I have ducks not chickens but from what I understand it is the same process. I would like to know what rules to follow when collecting eggs from my hens to hatch them. How long can they sit out? How old should they be? How do I know if the egg is able to hatch or not? Will i be able to collect eggs to eat now that I have a drake? I dont understand this process!
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    Yes, the eggs are edible even in fertile - the embryo will not develop until the egg is incubated. Do a forum search on 'bullseye fertility' and threads showing the appearance of fertile eggs will come up. Most recommend holding eggs no longer than 10 days prior to incubation, but under proper conditions they can in my experience be held far longer if stored at around 60 - 70 F, minimum of 50% humidity, and turned daily. Good luck with the collecting, holding, and incubation.
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    Here is the fertility pics that sourland is talking about:
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