tell me about diapers plz


10 Years
May 12, 2009
syracuse area, ny
the only way i can imagine a chicken diaper is with a big mess stuck to their feathers? is that the way it is.. i would love to bring some in when the snows start to sit with us.. but i don't want to clean feathers all the time.. do you shave them or what and how do they work?
They aren't anything like human diapers. They are basically a pouch that straps on right over the vent. They only cover a little circle around the vent and then hang out the back with a bag inside. The poop drops into the bag and is not in contact with the bird. They aren't walking around with a tight diaper but with a bag hanging off under their tails. If you've seen horses in big cities with the manure bags it's the same idea. I can't find a good pic but here's an example on a mini being used as a therapy animal
There are several sites that sell chicken diapers. Do a search with 'chicken diaper' and a number of sites will come up.
or you could buy a hound dog

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