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    I have s small flock of chickens and want to add 2 -3 of these particular Leghorns to my flock in the Spring. I chose the Rosecomb for looks and climate. I also like their size which seems to be around 4 lbs. from what I have read. I would love to hear from everyone that has them in their flock. I Also hear that they are great layers and free range nicely. Are these traits that everyone can attest to? I would also love to see some pictures of yours and hear where you got them from.

    I have a Silkie mix (who is typically broody from Feb through August)who, if she goes broody in the spring, will gladly take chicks from my local grain store. She is a great mom too and has raised lots of babies for me. Cannot wait to hear from anyone that has them, and If there is positive feedback on this particular breed I'm going for it!

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    I have RCBL's from mcmurray hatchery that I got on April 27th. Two lay every day, and two lay every other day. The eggs are still small to medium sized. But since this is my first flock of chickens, I don't know how fast they'll get to large- or if this is as big as the eggs'll get? [​IMG] They've been laying about a month and a half now. As far as I've heard about hatchery white leghorns, these girls are not as flighty as I thought they'd be. They aren't lovey-dovey, but they don't run away in fear either. They always come say hi, and once in while, they'll let me touch them. They haven't tried to roost in the trees or lay eggs in funny places. They are good foragers. I can't attest to them being broody or not, they're still young.

    This girl has the biggest comb. The others are a little smaller. Their rose combs are bigger than the combs on my dominiques.

    They are younger in this photo- Their combs had just barely started growing.
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    Thanks off-grid hen, I love them! my grain store orders from them so I think I will go for it. I believe their eggs will not get much bigger than medium sized from what I have read but that's fine with me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and pics too!


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