Tell me about Seramas


12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
I've been wanting some Seramas, and just won an auction for eggs. The seller attached a document with a LOT of stuff on it about raising Seramas, like grinding up their food, special food, special hatching conditions, trying not to move them because it stresses them, and NOW i'm totally freaked out about getting these eggs. I'm afraid they won't hatch or if they do i'll kill them. So tell me. Are they THAT fragile? Do I have to do anything different in hatching? Brooding? I'm too scared to hatch the dang things now.


12 Years
Jan 12, 2008
easley sc
noooooo- they aren't porcelain! well they could be porcelain in color.I hatched mine at 99.5 and 45 %-50% humidity the entire time.left the turner going the whole time too.I do keep them on heat longer than bigger ones,they are small and seem to chill easier. I handle them gently but pretty oftem since I clean the brooders twice a week.I do use warm water in the waterers at first-like the first week at a minimum.I usually add a tsp ACV to the water-Pasty butt is a problem.adding a little oatmeal to regular (I use medicated ) chick starter helps so do chick grains.For the first couple if weeks I grind the food ,fine at first then more coarse.They are fun birds

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