Tell me about Tolbunt Polish! Anyone in TN?


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May 19, 2010
Franklin, TN
We are looking to add 2 chicks to our small flock in the spring, and the choice is my daughter's. I asked earlier on BYC about funky feathered chickens, and based on the responses and our research, I think we've decided on Tolbunt Polish. Or maybe one of those, and one black with the white crest or a buff.
Sooooo....a couple of things:
Who knows about them?
Where is the best place to get them?
Would love more pics if anyone has some. We are in Middle TN and would love to find someone local.
We are NOT looking for show hens - though we do only want hens as we are restricted by city codes. We just want healthy chicks-we need chicks as I don't have room to quarantine so we will raise them inside ourselves. My daughter wants ones with funky feathers.
We currently have 4 hens that live pretty darn well in our little urban backyard but we have room for a few more. These gals have really grown on me.
Thanks @Mahonri - I've seen some great pics and people have offered great suggestions for funky looking birds. I guess I could post a wanted but was hoping to get some referrals for reputable people or find someone nearby whom I could connect with for spring. If you hear of anyone . . .
As for price - we only want 2 so I'm hoping it won't be too bad! We're not looking to breed or anything - just want to add some fun to our flock!
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Not sure if there is anyone close to you in TN, but even just two Tolbunt Polish will probably cost you over $100. Baregretchen sold a pet quality roo with crooked toes in September for $75. The problem is they are very, very rare and because of this, the people that do have them keep and grow out all of the chicks that they have. Fertility is not great with them and the gene pool is very small.

They are gorgeous birds and I wish you luck in finding some, but be prepared to decide on something else in case you don't find any.
I think the closest you can get is, if you're lucky, someone who has some Tolbunt crosses, because otherwise asking for someone local is darn near impossible, and otherwise if you want hatching eggs shipped, I can only think of ONE person who sells hatching eggs on a semi-regular basis.

I myself was probably the one who pointed out about Tolbunts being a good funky-lookin' backyard chicken, but even I only have two males, and not an actual breeding pair. So, like the few other owners out there, I use my boys to breed to Silver or Gold Laced hens to create a Tolbunt-look-a-like.

So, if you REALLY want some, you're gonna have to pay an arm and a leg for hatching eggs and REALLY hope for the girl you wanted, or pay much less for Tolbunt crosses.
Wow - interesting! We only wanted them because they were so fun looking! I'd be fine with a cross - we just loved the coloration & poufy heads! What's funny is it was the one chicken everyone in the family thought was great. Of course, it would be one that is near impossible to get!
Don't want to get eggs though - have never hatched and don't want to take any chances. So maybe I'll look for a cross, or perhaps a more standard Polish that is pet quality.
I don't think I want to pay $100 for chickens - maybe if I was breeding or showing but these are just for fun - hens that have a great life as family pets. This is good to know now instead of in the spring when I was going to start looking!
I spoke with a vet who also shows polish over the weekend. She raised them for awhile, but the fertility was very poor, chicks were often weak, and the adults were prone to problems. She decided they weren't worth it and no longer raises them, instead concentrates on other polish.
If it is the funky color you are looking for try the mille fluer cochins or mottled cochins.
Try starwalker fallen angel , you can search her username and pm her. She live here in middle tennessee I know she raise's them, but I am not sure if she has any for sale or not. I am not sure what she sales them for. I do know she has really good chickens and if you buy anything from her it is the best.
Thanks for info @ultasol - I may look at other colors of polish - we had looked at the mille fleurs (gorgeous) but we starting to lean away from cochins due to concerns about cleaning the feathers on the feet though that probably isn't that big of an issue. Plus we loved the look of the polish.
@NEK I will look for starwalker & she what she's got going on. As I said earlier, we are strictly looking for pets so my hope is that someone who is breeding for standards or show would have some pet quality they'd like to give a great home.
So appreciate the input!

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