Tell me about your chickens! (and other chicken related stuff)


5 Years
Mar 11, 2017
(I really do hope this is in the right thread...)
Do as the title says...
I'll go first.
Number of chooks: 5
Breeds of chooks: RIR, Ameraucana, Barred Rock, Light Brahma, SLW
Names: Cherry, Stripes, Louise, Stars, Sterling
Ages of chooks: Pullets, about 10 or so weeks
Coop type: Commercial but soon-to-be homemade
Bedding type: 1 part aspen shavings to 1 part wood ash (soon will be pine pellets)
You don't have to answer all of the questions if you want to.
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Boone Farm

May 23, 2017
Number of chickens: 3
Breeds: 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks and 1 Rhode Island Red
Names: Salt, Pepper, and Tonys
Coop Type: Amazon purchase. Small but I let my birds free-range
Ages of Chicks: 19 weeks
Bedding Type: pine shavings.


5 Years
Dec 9, 2016
Number of Chickens: 7
Breeds: Silkies.
Names: Pinky (rooster, aka marshmallow) Perky (hen), both named by my dad. There is also the chicks, Peep-Peep, Vanilla and Cloud, the other 4 I am waiting for the genders to show fully for the names.
Coop Type: My house, which they mostly free roam and have free access to outside during the day after 8 am, 11 am if on a Sunday.
Ages of Chicks: The hen is about 12 months old, and the rooster is about 20 months old. The chicks are about 2 months old and were hatched here.
Bedding type: Tiles, carpet, concrete, dirt, grass... My lap... Anything they walk and sleep on.
Bonus info: Hen has gone broody again, so the lonely rooster is laying on my lap with the chicks, being an adorable marshmallow. He is stand-offish when his hen is out and about, but when she is laying an egg or being broody, he turns into the biggest softie ever, following me about and letting me pet and hold him.

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