Tell me about your cochins!


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Im ordering from IDEAL today,im getting ducks but i think I might get a couple of cochins.How are they?Docile?Iv heard they go broody very well is this true?I plan on 1 golden laced and 1 blue.There standard size no bantams.Oh and also im getting mallard ducks are they good mother to?
I LOVE my LF cochins. It seems to me like the roos are the most friendly & curious. I have a few girls that are "pick-up-able", but they mostly do their own thing unless I have treats.
Ours are super fluffy, go broody often, and make great incubators and moms. We have one who set on Muscovy duck eggs, she is still mothering them even though they are bigger than her now. It's kinda funny. She is a sweet bird.
cochins are my favorite breed, i like them better for brooding than silkies, they come in a rainbow of colors and the hens become so tame, i can walk right beside mine and pick them up, roosters are like typical ones, i've had nice ones and nasty ones but my hens have always been great, mille fluer and mottled are my favorite colors, have fun
Cochins large and small are just wonderful birds. Have had the bantams for a long time(11 yrs.) and just got my first standards this year. They are neatest birds love them.
Wow thanks for all the replies.Im hoping they will hatch out lots of eggs for me.Anyone have mallards?Im getting 3 females and 1 male.Im also getting a crested pekin.Id just like to know how nice mallards are?Can they fly very well will I have to keep there wings clipped?How many eggs do they lay?
My Cochins are only 7 weeks old and they are soooooo cute! They are almost as friendly as my BOs. I got lucky I ordered a strait run as that was all they had and I got 4 pullets and only one cockerel.
I've got blue bantam cochins from Ideal, and I love them. I got them to be broodies, and boy are they GOOD at it! Since about March, my 3 girls have taken turns going broody. They'll lay about a month, then quit and raise chicks. They're great little moms, and they're darling. They're sweet and docile. Their rooster brother is really cute, but a little aggressive. He occasionally runs at our ankles, but we just chase him around the yard a little and he runs away and leaves us alone for a couple of weeks. I love him, and will keep him around.

When I got them, I ordered ten blue bantam cochins, and got all ten blues, with 5 males and 5 females. I didn't get any splash or black in the order.

Here's Lloyd, my cockerel:

And Pecky Becky, doing what she does best. We named her that because she pecks hard when she's taking care of eggs or babies.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cochins!!! I bought a standard cochin roo from a show breeder (Star Cochin's) here in Georgia. I bought him to replace my aggressive BR roo. I was told they are super sweet and docile, boy is he. He's a big teddy bear. I can't say enough good things about this breed. I don't have a hen so I can't comment on that ,but if you're looking for a great roo you can't go wrong with a cochin.


He's got more growing to do. The standards dot't finish filling out until about 14 months old ( he's 7 months old in the pic)

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